Keshav Memorial institute of Commerce and Sciences
(Affiliated to Osmania University)
Narayanaguda, Hyderabad

Under Graduation - Physics

Department of Physics was established in the year 2003 with Maths, Physics, Chemistry as optional subjects at U.G level. Later another course with Maths, Physics, Computer science as optional was offered in the year 2004

Activities of Physics department

The Department of physics has a spacious lab and a separate Dark room. Physics lab is having different pendulums like bar pendulum, circular disks and bifilar bodies, bobs equipments for studying oscillations. Bending moment phenomena is practical implementation in the lab.

Dark room is equipped with 5 travelling microscopes, 4 spectrometers, Bi-prism to observe spectrum of different light bodies through reflection, diffraction phenomena. It also consists phase shift oscillator, logic gates, junction diode, zener diode trainer boards, CRO (Visual representation of emission of electrons from electron gun).

Sno Faculty name Qualification Experience
1 Ms. K.PRIYANKA M.Sc.(physics) 3 years
2 Mrs. B.VEDA M.Sc.(physics) 2 year
3 Ms. D.Vyshnavee Devi M.Sc.(physics) 1 year


Future Plans :

  • To improve the equipment and introduce new experiments in physics.
  • To Carry out the projects by students
  • To conduct field visits to research laboratories.
  • To Organize intercollegiate meets.
  • To provide career counseling for students by interaction with the successful people by keeping seminars.
  • To carry out workshops regarding the equipment and its maintenance.
  • Through all these programs departments of physics has strived hard to build competitive spirit among the students and enhance their exposure and develop self esteem in students so that they can face future challenges and work in real time environment.