Keshav Memorial institute of Commerce and Sciences
(Affiliated to Osmania University)
Narayanaguda, Hyderabad

Languages - English


The English Department of Keshav Memorial Institute of Commerce and Sciences is as old as the college itself, being one of the first departments to start functioning in 1995. The Department has been handling English language classes for the various courses offered by the college since the day of its inception. From then, till today, the Department has been responsible for the teaching of English for the Degree courses. The fact to be noted is the way the Department has moved with the times in reviewing and updating its pedagogical tools and strategies from time to time. The strength of the department lies in the well qualified teaching staff. We follow the latest pattern of CBCS System as prescribed by the Osmania University.

The department is proud to state that since the academic year of 2015-16 has embarked on teaching communicative skills in English. It has started a Certificate Course in Communicative Skills in English. The emphasis is on Listening, Reading, and Writing skills besides Pronunciation. The main thrust of the syllabus is on Communication and Personality Development through activity based skills testing their creative abilities. In 2017 new Add – on Courses began with the collaboration of Research Scholars from English and Foreign Languages Institute. The Courses are: Certificate Course in language proficiency & Certificate Course in Advanced English and Campus Recruitment.. The Department is proud to state that all the students who participated in these courses were placed in very good companies. The Department has introduced a new method of evaluation blending the language component with text based questions. It is felt that this type would test a student’s ability to comprehend and offer inferential answers.

We also run a Literary Club named Keshav Vagvardhini Parishad, which actively conducts training sessions in Group Discussions, JAM, Poetry Recital, Debating, and Declamation etc. Also members actively engage themselves in intercollegiate and Intra –collegiate Competitions. Many distinguished visitors from JCI International, Toastmasters Club, Ramachandra Mission, and Vivekananda Rock Memorial enriched the experience of the students and the faculty.


1. To create an open interdisciplinary, interactive environment.
2. To stimulate, encourage the students to have a rewarding career for the students and the faculty.
3. To acquire, integrate, extend and creatively apply knowledge to seek appropriate opportunities for professional development.


1. To empower students to assume leadership skills. 2. To develop critical thinking habit and make them responsible citizens. 3. To contribute new perspectives to the world of knowledge. 4. To enhance access and inclusivity in quality education. 5. To create context of Professionalism, humanism and social responsibility in the students.

We integrated this with …

Keshav Vagvardhini Parishad
[A student Literary Club]

1. To develop formidable traditional value system.
2. To make students undergo the process of overall development.
3. To make them competent individuals in the society.
4. To develop knowledge in subject with the knowledge of the society.
5. To develop skills to comprehend the realities of life, to take care of themselves and Society at large.

Future Plans:

1. To enhance student’s skills by conducting workshops/seminars, Guest Lectures.
2. The Department is also planning to introduce Certificate Courses to develop communication and Basic English Language Skills and Advanced Communication Skills for Campus Recruitments as part of social Responsibility initiative.
3. To impart quality education with high moral standards for making the students resilient.
4. Project work based teaching strategy to be assigned to the students.
5. To demonstrate and teach, use of modern tools and techniques in Language Learning to students.
6. To further organize many kinds of Literary Competitions.
7. To impart professional counseling to the students and guide them in their pursuit to higher courses & to improve the number of student placements.
8. To take the students more regularly to educational tours
9. To strive and maintain present pass percentage and increase the number of distinctions.
10. To develop strong linkages with Literary Clubs, Institutes of higher learning and reputed organizations.

English Department Activities Report 2017-2018

  1. The Department has well equipped English Laboratory which caters to the needs of the students. We use LAN and Internet connections and Projector for imparting practical training to the students.


Sno Faculty name Qualification Experience Achievements/Awards
1Madhuri ThaideM.A .B.Ed13 years
2N.Uma DeviM.A, P.G.D.E.S21 yearsactive in assisting the administration of the college by looking into the admissions process
1N.V.ParathasarathiM.A ,(M.A Hindi), PGDELT,PGDJ13 years
1Karthika DevarakondaM.A2 years

  1. We are intending to expand the language skills of the students by strengthening the already existing Add - on Course. 



Our Lady teachers suggested to stay at home for safety take care

COVID Stay Safe

First year Girls practicing Yoga during the lockdown at their homes

First year Girls practicing Yoga during the lockdown at their homes

Students of B.Com General-in the lockdown period advising us

79 th Foundation day with Sri Kishan Reddy Garu

79 th Foundation day with Sri Kishan Reddy Garu

Group discussion in FDP of English

FDP by the department on Effective Communication skills

Flash mob on Anti-Ragging by Dept of English and Anti Ragging cell

FDP by the department on Effective Communication skills